We broadcast the program on Sundays at 10:00 Central African Time (08:00 Universal Coordinated Time) on these frequencies:

Note the new frequency: 17 570 kHz has been replaced by 17 660 kHz on a Sunday morning

  • 17 660 KHz AM Via Sentech
  • 07 205 KHz AM Via Sentech
  • 07 082 KHz LSB Via Louis de Bruyn ZS5LP in Durban

    On VHF you can hear us on many repeaters accross the country including:

    • 145,750 MHz (Pretoria)

    • 145,650 MHz (Durban)

    • 145.7875 (HVB Club repeater Johannesburg)

    • 145,7625 (Rustenburg Club repeater)
    • A relay on Echolink is available from Chris Smit ZS6FCS-R

On Monday evenings you may listen to a repeat broadcast at 18:30 South African Standard Time (SAST) 16:30 UTC  on 3230 kHz

On Tuesdays the program is rebroadcast on Worldfm Tawa in Wellington New Zealand at 16:00 (New Zealand local time)




Or download our weekly program from the podcast page

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